Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).
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Q: I'm interested in the dual channel feature. Can you tell me more about this?
A. Yes; by plugging a daughter card into the DTX1, two seperate program channels are output on the same frequency. The firmware will automatically detect the card. Contact BATC for pricing and availability. You can see a photo of the card here.

Q: Can I power the DTX1 direct from a 12 Volt car battery?
A: With appropriate fusing and reverse polarity protection (i.e. a diode!) yes. If the 12V battery is fitted to a vehicle, note that the voltage will dip when cranking the engine, and this may cause the CPU to reset. You will have to provide suitable local storage (a large electrolytic?) to prevent this. Consumption is about 6 watts for a single unit.

Q: Why is the output connector an F type?
A: The DTX1 board is a firmware variant of the 'Antennair Quadrant' DVB-T Encoder. In order to offer boards to BATC at a reduced cost, we are using standard production boards, re-programmed, for the DATV product.

Q: Is the circuit diagram of the DTX1 board available?
A: No, as it is commercially sensitive information, representing man years of development effort! However sensible enquiries will be dealt with as constructively as we can.

Q: Can I control the unit remotely e.g. in a repeater application?
A: Yes. A standard serial port can communicate over RS-232. The command set is in the manual.

Q: Can I feed the RF output directly to an antenna?
A: Not advisable. There are various unwanted signals present in the spectrum. The output should be filtered and amplified before feeding a PA stage.

Q: Is there anything special about the switches I need to make my own keypad?
A: Only that they should be momentary action press-to-make contacts. The current is tiny, so almost any push buttons are OK.

Q: I want re-flash the unit to produce a DVB-T Output.. Can I do this?
A: No. The firmware for the micro is not the same as the FPGA code, which is restricted to DVB-S for the DTX1 product.

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